Labarre Associates, Inc.

For over 10 years, LABARRE ASSOCIATES, INC. has been serving the Livingston Parish Government.

LABARRE ARCHITECTS, APAC and Livingston Parish worked together in 2003 to develop a master plan for the parish's new governmental complex to be designed and constructed in stages.  In 2004, 2008, and 2015, LABARRE ARCHITECTS were contacts to design buildings on this governmental complex.

LABARRE ASSOCIATES, INC. has also completed a parish wide facility condition assessment and tool to help the administration make facility related decisions for facility renewal projects going forward.

Livingston Parish Courthouse

Square Footage: 110,000 sf

Date Completed: 2015

Location: Livingston, LA

Project Description: Labarre Architects and GraceHebert Architects teamed up to create a design for the new Livingston Parish Courthouse. This facility houses courtrooms, Judges chambers, Sheriff's offices, Clerk of Court offices, and District Attorney offices and incorporates many state-of-the-art audio/video features, a paperless filing system, and public transaction methods. The joint venture design team created a highly functional building allowing easy access to community services while maintaining a secure environment for agency employees.  The new courthouse serves all of Livingston Parish and is a beacon within the community.

Project Highlights: 

Livingston Parish Condition Assessments

Square Footage: Approximately 400,000 sf

Date Completed: 2015

Location: Livingston Parish, LA

Project Description: Labarre Associates was contacted by Livingston Parish Government to do a comprehensive inventory and condition assessment on all parish owned buildings.  This fully indexed report would pave the way for more efficient renewal projects, better decisions on existing real estate, and highlighted any issues that would save money in the long-term if taken care of today.

Project Highlights: 

  • Strategic Facility Plan Prep
  • Multi-Building Condition Assessments
  • Multi-Agency Buildings
  • Real Estate Portfolio Assessment/Report

Livingston Parish Governmental Building

Square Footage: 25,000 sf

Date Completed: 2009

Location: Livingston, LA

Project Description: As the second building located on the governmental complex site in Livingston, LA, this building houses the parish's Council Chambers, Council Offices, and Office of Motor Vehicles.  LABARRE ARCHITECTS and their interior design partner, CDI Solutions, worked closely to create award winning interior spaces.

Project Highlights:

  • New Construction
  • Multi-agency Building
  • Winner of 2010 South Central Chapter of ASID Bronze Award
  • Winner of 2010 IIDA Award of Recognition