Labarre Associates, Inc.

In 2014, Campus Federal Credit Union approached LABARRE ASSOCIATES for several projects, including both design/bid/build and design/build projects.  

Campus Federal - Biomedical Branch

Square Footage: 16,000 sf

Date Completed: 2015

Location: New Orleans, LA

Project Description: Campus Federal approached LABARRE ARCHITECTS, APAC to design a new 16,000+ square foot multi-story building in New Orleans with a new tellerless branch on the ground floor and tenant space above.  This project was another collaboration with CDI Solutions as the interior designer.  (Aerial green roof photo by Benge Lanscape, LLC.)

Project Highlights: 

  • Winner MAC Award 2016 (with Weber Marketing)
  • Tellerless Branch
  • Detached Drive Through
  • New Construction
  • Shell Space / Tenant Space Above Branch
  • Numerous Sustainability Measures, Including but Not Limited to:
    • Pervious Paving
    • Bioretention Cells and Local Landscaping
    • Green Roof
    • VRF HVAC System
    • High R-Value

Campus Federal - Our Lady of the Lake Branch

Square Footage: 1,150 sf

Date Completed: 2014

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Project Description: Campus Federal Credit Union had an existing lease space in Our Lady of the Lake Hospital that was quickly being outgrown.  LABARRE ARCHITECTS, APAC along with our interior design consultant, CDI Solutions, designed a new space to take advantage of new technology as a tellerless branch, which would be completely open to the atrium of the building.

Project Highlights: 

  • Built Out
  • Tellerless Branch
  • Ability for a 24-hour Lobby

Campus Federal Credit Union - Resource Branch Renovations

Square Footage: 1,000 sf

Date Completed: 2016

Location: New Orleans, LA

Project Description: Campus Federal Credit Union approached Labarre Associates, Inc. to renovate their small niche branch in LSU's Resource Center in New Orleans after completion of their large Biomedical Branch down the street.  This project required extensive coordination with LSU and their architect and contractor as the lobby and opposite side tenant (bookstore) were remodeled at the same time as this space.

Project Highlights:

  • ITM (Interactive Teller Machines)
  • Renovation
  • Micro-Branch