Labarre Associates, Inc.

November 2018 Employee Spotlight - Daniel Kern

written by Anonymous

November’s Employee of the Month was chosen “in the wild” by a stranger.  While we believe choosing our Employees of the Month in-house is a good opportunity to talk about how much they mean to us, we also believe that this stranger’s words have quite an impact because they were completely unsolicited:
“I wanted to commend you on this young redheaded guy you have working for you. I was behind him at Subway and he was the most courteous young man I have seen in years. I was actually thinking, I wish I had somewhere that I could hire him, then he turned and I saw his Labarre shirt. If he works for you bud, keep him!!”
Congrats, Daniel.  And thank you for representing Labarre well, even when “no one” was looking. 

Daniel Kern

Posted: November 01, 2018