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Labarre Lagniappe Vol. 1

Labarre Lagniappe is a bonus publication to our blog created to bridge the gap between our employees and our clients.  We want everyone, near and far, to know our coworkers. The human connection will create a stronger team and allow for more fluid communication. 

The Value of Team Work

by Mike Tossas

The great college basketball coach John Wooden, once said “teamwork is not a preference, it is a requirement.”   This requirement has been the motivating factor in the continuous development and success of the Labarre team in Florida. Since the inception of the Florida operation it has always been our goal to create an environment for the team to thrive. We have had team players come and go but the commitment to the company vision, values and mission continue to be the underlining foundation that keeps us focused and perseverant. Working as a team has been a true blessing and I am so proud of our team.

Allow me to introduce our Florida team players...

Hector Ruiz, our technician located in the Tampa region has been with us for over two years. He comes to us with a strong maintenance background with many years of experience. I remember during his interview, he shared how his dad taught him about how to disassemble and reassemble electronic devices. I could hear in his voice that he really enjoyed fixing things.  Ever since he has joined the team his contribution has been very positive.  His ability to professionally communicate and connect with branch personnel has been a tremendous asset. He goes the extra mile with a smile.  Our client's feedback confirms his willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfill their requests. This type of work ethic continues to have a positive impact with our current client and customers. Though Hector has encountered personal challenges this past year he has shown resilience. He would say to me “can’t wait to get back to work”.  I am proud to have Hector on our team!

Mike Tossas, tech supervisor and overseer of our Florida/Alabama operation.  I have been with Labarre almost 10 years and eight of those years have been here in Florida.  I have always had a team mentality regarding our operation.  The Bible says, “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.”  We value each other as well as our ideas and input. I continue to see the fruit of our labor especially when we put our minds together in resolving work related issues.  I truly believe in the power and results of team work.  We experience this daily because we value its importance in the accomplishment of our daily goals. Sharing our personal and family joys, accomplishments and needs has allowed us to develop a care for each other.  This is possible because we place a strong emphasis on having an open, transparent continuous circle of communication. We truly see the benefits of having a strong network of communication between us and others, such as the home office team, other technicians and customers.  I am proud to be a part of this awesome team!

Chris Johnson, our technician located in the Pensacola region has been with Labarre almost two months.  He comes to us with a managerial and maintenance background with many years of experience.   Within a short period of time he has made progressive strides in understanding our business operation. I can remember during his orientation how he was determined to understand every aspect of our team operation.  He had many questions and wrote down lots of notes.  Right from the beginning I could see that he cared about getting it right. Even while on the field performing his tasks he would contact me to make sure it was being done the Labarre way. This type of quality has been evident in his work and interaction with different branch personnel.  His proactive approach to work requests has produced positive results and the feedback from our client and customers have proven this. I am proud to have Chris on our team!


                        COMING TOGETHER IS A BEGINNING! 

                                                KEEPING TOGETHER IS PROGRESS! 

                                                                                    WORKING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS!

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Posted: September 17, 2018