Labarre Associates, Inc.

Free Services to LCUL Members

As a strategic partner with the Louisiana Credit Union League, we offer one free service off of our select "menu" of services per year.  If you are interested in any of the following, let us know so we can start working with you to find your facility solution!

Some of our free services are as follows (download the free services sheet to the right to get descriptions):

Strategic Facility Planning Services

  • Key Metrics
  • Branch Operating Cost Summary

Facility Management Services

  • Preventative Maintenance Visit
  • Capital Budget Template
  • Light Meter Readings

Real Estate Services

  • Rental Survey
  • Land Value
  • Property or Sales Value

Architecture Services

  • Test Fit Site Plan
  • Test Fit Floor Plan
  • Exterior Branch Refresh Rendering

Construction Services

  • Condition Assessment Template
  • Budgetary Estimate

Posted: June 13, 2017