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Denham Springs-Walker Library site of Livingston Parish’s first-ever TEDx event

The first ever adult TEDx event was hosted by Livingston Parish Library's Denham Springs - Walker branch this past Saturday.  We were honored that Jay Labarre was invited to be one of eight speakers, including LIGO's Amber Stuver, CC's Coffee House CEO Celton Hayden, Mighty Moms Founder Dawn Birdsong, Owner of Cavalier House Books John Cavalier, Associate Publisher of Livingston Parish News J. McHugh David Jr., Teacher of the Year Joni Smith, and Bestselling Author Julie Cantrell. 

From Livingston Parish News:

"Labarre was next in line after Cavalier and the final speaker of the first session, and he delved into his memories of the historic flood last August while offering insight on the rebuilding process.

Labarre, a practicing architect since 1982 who founded Labarre Associates in 1984, recalled feeling safe Saturday morning after the flood when the water surrounding his house had receded by about 5 inches.

But that comfort was exchanged for dread a little after 1:15 p.m. when the water had entered his house. By 2 p.m., there was a foot of water in his house."

Read the full Livingston Parish News article here.

Jay speaks at TEDx

Photos by Emma James-Watson of Livingston Parish Libraries, used with permission.

Edit 09/05/2017 to add: If you want to see Jay's talk on YouTube, click here.

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Posted: June 05, 2017