Labarre Associates, Inc.

August 2018 Employee Spotlight - Diane Newman

Written by Roger Clark, MAI, Executive VP

Diane began working with Labarre Associates a few short years after I did, which is hard to believe, as she has been here 8 years!
She came to LAI with a background in the restaurant business and while that might not seem to be congruent with her job in the Call Center, there are a lot of similarities-you have to be organized, calm, and follow a process or the result, whether a souffle or a completed work order, can be a work of art or a disaster. Diane’s results are works of art.

Diane’s dependability is what sets her apart.  Everyone knows someone who you could call in the middle of the night if you needed help and Diane is that someone at Labarre.  Quietly going about her job, never seeking praise, she is the epitome of the “One Source One Solution” which our company stands for. 
We do not say “Thank You “enough, so I ask each of you to stop by her desk or pick up the phone (not text) and call Diane and tell her how much you appreciate the job she does and how she represents the company in her dealings with fellow employees, our clients, and our vendors. 
I am honored to select Diane Newman as the Employee of the Month for August 2018 and let be the first to say, “Thank You, Diane-we appreciate you!”

Diane Newman

Posted: August 01, 2018